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Guangxi Huagan Power Equipment Co., Ltd., established in June 2003, is an enterprise specialized in the production and sales of high and low voltage distribution cabinets, dry-type transformers, oil immersed transformers, composite substations, switching stations, gas filled cabinets, distribution boxes, meter boxes, photovoltaic combiner boxes, photovoltaic grid connected cabinets, etc. The company has 2 senior engineers, 7 intermediate technical titles, 162 employees, and a plant area of 6000 m2, Located at No. 11 Hongsheng Road, Jiangnan District, Nanning.
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Huagan Power has been awarded the AAA level contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, as well as the product selection and promotion enterprise for power grid construction and renovation. Huagan Power Products have been awarded honorary titles such as "Energy saving and Environmental Protection Products of Guangxi Province", "Quality Trustworthy Enterprise", and "Top Ten Brands of Power Transformers" by relevant authoritative institutions.
Construction Cases
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    Transformer Construction Cases
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    Photovoltaic case
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    Case study of box transformer construction
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    Renovation of old residential areas